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Introduction to Biomanufacturing
Introduction to Biomanufacturing
 DTU Bioengineering
 Bioteknologi, biokemi og biomedicin
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 Would you like to kick-start your understanding of modern day industrial biotechnology?

We have gathered the most relevant topics and areas for you, covering the basics and state-of-the-art methodologies with a diverse of university teachers and industry guest lectures. Allow yourself a crisp and compact deep-dive into our day’s technologies, approaches and stories, that shape Life Science and biomanufacturing today, in Denmark and abroad.

Whether you are a career starter or changer, come from a non-related field of science, education or professional background – we pledge to satisfy your curiosity and cover the fundamental and application knowledge of biotechnologies.

We start with terminology and basic understanding for the history and science of life and how to augment it to our needs. Learn through case studies from academia about bio-refineries, the microbiomes and waste-gas fermentation. A small hands-on section will expose you to some real reactors, take a sample and look at what is growing there.

Get familiar with analytical instruments and technologies, embrace the power of automation and the new age of DNA Foundries and data science. Explore how software modeling and new science in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data change the shape of our understanding of life and how to work with it. In selected industrial lectures we are hitting topics like sustainable chemicals, bioenergy and microbial food and feed production. What does it take to found a start-up in life-sciences?

We at DTU are passionate about technology and people – we have little workshops for you and expose you to the challenges and understanding of sustainability. Is Biomanufacturing more sustainable? If you have ever wondered, how a process is developed, and what methods you would use to influence the economic outcome, through metabolic engineering or bioprocess optimization -or what it takes to bring a technology from laboratory to production scale? We are happy to teach you how we are doing it.

By the end of the course, you will have a basic understanding of industrial biotechnology and its application areas, the fundamentals of biomanufacturing, its terminology, methodologies, and strategies and be able to:

• Describe basic concepts of Biomanufacturing
• Understand the common tools / instruments in a fermentation process
• Learned process control and monitoring techniques
• Discuss examples of industrial bioproduction
• Discuss challenges in scale up and scale down of bioprocesses
• Make use of basic sustainability and economic assessment for process concepts
• Reflect on the use and potential of industry 4.0 / digitalization in biomanufacturing
• Reflect on strategies for process optimization
• Recognize common problems and suggest solutions
 Natural scientists coming from a different field of expertise.
Engineering and production disciplines from design, planning, RD and operations.
Postdoc and senior scientists who want to update themselves in a different science field.
Non-scientific and natural sciences background professionals, from administration, finance, sales or other non-technical disciplines, to get a thorough understanding of biotechnology and applied tools and methods.
 Anyone interested in gaining professional knowledge in the field of biological manufacturing and production, technology and process development.
Graduates entering careers in industrial fermentation or career changers from other areas (e.g. downstream processing, QC, etc).
Graduate students and postdocs interested in learning more about Biomanufacturing.

Participants do not need to have specific knowledge in this field other than school level understanding of natural sciences
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